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PC Diagnosis and Repair


PC crashes, bluescreens, no boot, no display, etc. We will diagnose and repair it. This cost does not include part replacement or hardware swaps, those will be extra.

Custom Loop water-cooled build

Let us build your PC for you. Our professional PC technicians will assemble your custom loop PC, and properly cable manage it. On top of that, we also stress test and tune your PC afterwards.

PC Deep Cleaning


Old and dusty PC? Let us deepclean the entire process. (Deep clean all of the components, reapply thermal paste and insides of your PC to look like new)

PC Component Installation


For everything else: Let us install and test out your components.

PC Component Installation


For motherboard and case swaps: Let us install and test out your motherboard or case.


Windows 10/11 Pro Installation


We install and activate windows 10/11 Professional on your PC. On top of this, we also perform all updates, driver installations, and make sure your PC is plug-and-play ready!